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gAppointments – Appointment booking addon for Gravity Forms


gAppointments – Appointment booking addon for Gravity Forms

gAppointments Schedule appointments in Gravity Forms. gAppointments is perfect for any business that relies on an appointment calendar. Scroll down to see the full list of features.


  • Paid / unpaid reservation
  • Supports any payment gateway
  • Works with Gravity Perks preview submission. See demo
  • Gravity Advantages works with multi-page navigation. See demo
  • Selection of multiple slots and maximum reservations by date
  • Services by form.
  • Service interval slots or custom slots.
  • Options for service interval slots (duration, purge, capacity, gap reduction, lead time, show expiration times, time format, remove am / pm text, maximum bookings by date, multiple slot selection).
  • Options for custom service slots (price per slot, capacity per slot, delivery time, show expiration times, time format, late / late withdrawal, maximum bookings by date, multiple slot selection). See demo
  • Service Option: Schedule appointments at regular intervals starting today.
  • Service Option: Schedule appointments within a specific date range.
  • Service option: schedule appointments only on special dates.
  • Translation support, translation in any form. See demo
  • Flexible translation. See demo
  • Worksheet
  • Vendor customized opening hours, breaks and holidays
  • Providers can edit their plans from the interface.
  • A minimum appointment interval is required for new appointments. (Delivery time required for new appointments)
  • Management of customer / supplier appointments on the front-end.
  • Customers or vendors can add the appointment to their favorite calendar on the front. See demo
  • Add calendar links (gcal, yahoo) to email
  • Assign a registered user as a service provider
  • TimeSlot capacity
  • Custom HTML emails
  • Email Notifications
  • SMS notifications using the free Twilio plugin and WP Twilio Core
  • Set the calendar as the first day of the week, Sunday or Monday
  • Automatically confirm appointments
  • Autocomplete appointments
  • Cancel unpaid appointments after a specified period of time
  • Using severity forms name / email / phone fields for appointments
  • Endless color opportunities
  • Responsive mobile



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