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Lottery for WooCommerce 5.3


Lottery for WooCommerce 5.3

Lottery for WooCommerce is a full-featured lottery plugin to create and manage online lotteries in your WooCommerce store. Lottery for WooCommerce is a lottery/raffle system for WooCommerce. With this plugin you can create lotteries, contests, sweepstakes, sweepstakes, etc., supporting both free and paid tickets. You can also set a question that users must answer in order to enter the lottery, making it a case of skill rather than just luck.

Lottery for WooCommerce Features

  • Install and run the lottery easily. You can also create a question that users must answer in order to enter the lottery.
  • You can ask customers to register before participating in the lottery.
  • You can set a price for a lottery ticket or offer it for free.
  • There is a separate panel for administrators and customers to manage their lottery.
  • You can start/end any lottery from your control panel.
  • You can end the lottery when tickets are sold out before the specified end time.
  • You can decide whether lottery tickets are generated automatically or let the user choose the ticket number.
  • You can decide whether the lottery winners will be selected automatically or manually.
  • Email notifications are available to both administrators and customers.



How to Free Download:

Note: You can download by clicking the below button,  If you’re facing trouble downloading “Lottery for WooCommerce”, please disable AdBlocker for this site or you can change your web browser to faster download. If you will face any issues, please contact us.

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