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PanJump CUTE PANDA – most FRUSTRATING mobile game 2021 [Android, iOS]


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App Google Play (Android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.GermanMobileGamestudio.PandaJump

App Store (iOS): https://apps.apple.com/us/app/panjump/id1519431029

All levels playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLT1XJhfulovhv_5g3rAOwWtRw8y4pcLIk

#PureGuide Gameplay Walkthrough

dev: GermanMobileGamestudio / Alexandros Smponias

β€˜PanJump is a Mobile Arcade Game. What will your Highscore be in PanJump? The Panda is in the rainforest and you have to safe him from downing .

PanJump is a really fast and hard game. The goal in PanJump is to jump as long as you can – but PanJump is a pretty hard game. PanJump reminds about Flappy Bird because it is really hard, trust me. The control in PanJump is classic arcade. To move the panda right you have to tap on the right side of the screen. To move him to the left, you have to tap on the left side of the screen.

Obviously PanJump was inspired by Doodle Jump and the gameplay is similar. But there are some differences between PanJump and Doodle Jump. PanJump is much much more difficult and your highscore will be much lower. And there are Trade-off items. There is a mushroom which lets the Panda grow for a short time… but the grown Panda destroys the platforms.

The name PanJump are actually two words: Panda Jump. Panda Jump is obvious, a jumping Panda. But PanJump is a bit more twisted. A good Arcade Game needs to have some twists. Imagine an Arcade Game where a Panda would jump from one platform to an other…. Boooooring! In PanJump you have to safe the Panda in the rainforest form drowning and you will find some nice items. These items are Trade-Off items. Download PanJump and explore it’s awesomeness.

PS: We are GermanMobileGamestudio and love Mobile Games. We have listed some of our inspirations and want to thank them and sow our appreciation. We don’t want to list all of our Inspirations. PanJump is our first step to make our vision come true:

Let’s make Mobile Games shine again.’

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