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SEO Audit Module (1.7) – 2.2.1


SEO Audit Module (1.7) – 2.2.1

SEO Audit Module Reach Google’s Top 1 for SEO Best Practices! Extremely good and versatile Prestashop SEO module, updated with Google SEO ranking math. SEO Audit is the only SEO module you need.

You’ve spent a lot of time and effort, but still can’t get your website No.1 position on Google search results page? Wait, you might be doing something wrong! Let’s try SEO Audit: The most complete SEO module for Prestashop that contains everything you need to improve your website’s SEO!

SEO analysis
Content is king in the SEO world! SEO Audit is a unique module that helps you write excellent content that is both search engine and user friendly and optimized for your SEO keywords. SEO Audit is integrated with modern ranking math to help you analyze and detect any SEO issue related to the content of every web page on your website, such as product page, category page, CMS page. Readability analysis and snippet previews to help you create the most SEO friendly content using SEO best practices.

Our module also provides an SEO checklist to help you know the status of SEO practices on your site and what needs improvement. The SEO checklist helps you easily promote your keywords in the top positions on search results pages.

Clean URL and identity optimization (number)
It is important that your URLs are user-friendly so that both search engines and customers can navigate your site easily. With SEO Audit, you can remove IDs from your site’s URLs, check for duplicate URLs, or create 301.302 and 303 URL redirects to optimize your URLs.

You can also automatically remove the default language ISO code on all page URLs, shorten your page URLs for better SEO results.

Unlike other SEO URL modules that override all website controllers to remove identifiers that can cause conflicts with custom modules and are unstable, SEO Audit has less overrides (only overrides the main admin file) and a URL remapping algorithm to make sure the module is stable . and compatible with other custom modules or custom URLs in your store.

SEO Audit redirects all old URLs (with default language ID and ISO code) to new URLs (without ID and ISO code) to maintain your page rank and backlinks. This is a unique module that can do that!

Another advanced feature that SEO Audit offers you is the canonical URL. A canonical URL helps you avoid Google penalties for duplicate URLs. You can configure a canonical URL to specify which URLs search engines should display on search results pages.

Sitemap, RSS feed, custom Robots.txt and social media
SEO Audit provides a paged dynamic sitemap that can handle a large sitemap without having to generate a large XML sitemap file with a cronjob. This module also provides an automatic RSS feed feature so customers can get certain content from your website.

Robots.txt is a text file created to tell search engine robots how to crawl your website’s pages. The SEO Audit will help you generate the Robots.txt file automatically and allow you to edit this file according to your needs.
We’ve also integrated Open Graph into SEO Audit to help you easily share information on any social network (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) and optimize your online store for social media publishing.

Automatic meta templates
For better branding and consistent snippets in search results, our Prestashop SEO expert module can automatically generate a custom meta title and description for each page of your website. Unlike other modules in Marketplace Plugins, with SEO Audit you don’t need to recreate these elements for each page (rewrites the entire meta title, meta description and keywords of each page), all done automatically without affecting your website data (product information, category information, etc. .)

SEO Audit also offers a detailed statistics panel to help you monitor your SEO status, along with some other SEO optimization features such as ranking / snippets, SEO breadcrumbs, webmaster tool, SEO data import / export, search engines and referral resources.



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