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WordPress Real Physical Media Nulled 1.3.12


WordPress Real Physical Media Nulled 1.3.12 – SEO Rewrites

WordPress Real Physical Media Nulled 1.3.12 comes with many features to physically manage loaded media. For this addon, we have focused on a high-performance solution that can more effectively improve your search engine rankings.


  • Physically restructure all loads in your WordPress media library using the folder structure created with Real Media Library.
  • Move new loads directly to the correct physical folder (done instantly; no queuing required).
  • Remove special characters from file and folder names for better international compatibility.
  • SEO-friendly descriptive path names with meaningful folder names and file names that are renamed by their title.
  • SEO URL Redirects Protect You From Errors: If your or other website references a file whose URL changes when the file is moved, the user’s browser is automatically redirected with a 301 and 302 redirect for better SEO results.
  • It works with all the files in your multimedia library, such as images, videos, audio, text, or PDF.
  • You are independent of this complement. Your files will remain in the physical folders, even if you remove this plugin at some point.
  • You can physically organize all folders already created with Real Media Library before installing this add-on. This will give you better visibility of all images on your website in search engines, not just newly loaded images.
  • Set up an additional upload suffix to add to your upload folder, e.g. wp-content / uploads / storage /
    Allows extra long media URL paths and file names with even more than 255 letters (WordPress default limit).
  • Built-in high-performance file structure rewrites a queuing system that protects your system from crashes or timeouts (works for large websites with thousands of media loads).
  • Auto-enabled queuing tracks every file move (move, reorder, bulk move, rename folder) and automatically queue them for maximum efficiency.
  • Optionally, set up a cron job that processes the queue in the background without blocking it while editing the website.
  • Import categories/folders from third-party media library folder plugins like FileBird, WP Media Folder, Advanced Media Library, Media Library Wizard, and automatically rewrite the created structure to your file system (import via Real Media Library).
  • Supports WordPress Multisite (each page has its own folder tree).
  • GPDR / DSGVO: The plugin does not collect personal data without your consent!



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